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Leverage our full-range of content marketing to build your pipeline and agencies receive a discount.

Our Expertise

We’re a full service real estate content marketing agency – if it’s content, we do it!

Blog Content Creation

Increase your revenue by attracting buyers and sellers in your marketplace with high-quality content that emphasizes your expertise and showcases your personality.

eBooks & White Papers

Position yourself as the market expert with professionally formatted eBooks and White Papers. The right content will establish you as a trusted source of real estate information and will put you at the head of the pack during a listing presentation.

Drip Campaigns

Fully Automated- Our drip campaigns have been developed by award winning copywriters. We have drip campaigns geared towards a wide range of prospects. From marketing to those going through a divorce to absentee homeowners, we have you covered. Just select how many posts you need each month and we’ll deliver faster than a 10 day closing.

Newsletters & Email Copy

Execute on your email marketing strategy with our industry experts in the driver’s seat of your automation platform.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing done right has the ability to double your income. Over 60% of agents recognize the importance of social media marketing, yet under 40% maintain a consistent presence.

No Blog? No Problem

No need to learn how setup a new WordPress site, or try to find the right theme. If you don’t currently have a blog in place, we can create one for you.

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Recent BodoniBlog Testimonials

“I love it! Thank you! Well written and well produced. The tone was friendly and approachable, and easy to read. Well worth the money.”

BodoniBlog ─ Amy Whittaker

“I’ve known that I needed to do better with blogging and social media marketing, but I never have time. I can’t say how much of a relief it is to have Bodoni Blog in my corner.”

BodoniBlog ─ Lindsey Carpenter

BodoniBlog ─ Brokerage Firm Client

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